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Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)

It represents a brand new approach to treating orthopedic injuries including bone and joint pain by leveraging the body’s natural healing powers – potentially delivering long-lasting, relief.

Understanding how Bone Marrow Concentrate Works

Reparative cells acting as “mobile paramedics” are naturally produced by the body to heal injuries and repair damaged and diseased tissue. In fact every second, 15 million blood cells die and are regenerated in our bodies. Immediately after an acute injury, they are released off of blood vessels called “pericytes” and migrate towards the injured area to begin healing. Unfortunately, our bodies sometimes get overwhelmed by a significant physical stress and the injury and can’t heal themselves. This leads to chronic pain, inflammation, and limited function.

That’s where bone marrow concentrate comes in. Patients receive a comprehensive hands on evaluation with state of the art imaging to determine the precise diagnosis. Our physicians create an individualized plan, which may integrate utilizing the person's own bone marrow cells and precisely under visualized guidance (ultrasound and/or x-ray) delivering them into the injured area, potentially restarting or enhancing the healing process. This is followed by a customized rehabilitation and exercise program to maximize results and restore function.

Bone Marrow Concentrate


BMC is still very new, and as such we are constantly evaluating its efficacy in treating various conditions. Further controlled trials are needed to better understand optimal indications and techniques. As of now, it has been shown to have promising results with the following conditions:

  • Improving painful joints with cartilage damage and osteoarthritis
  • Improving degenerative vertebral discs of the spine
  • Healing tendons
  • Healing bone fractures

Bone Marrow Concentrate Therapy

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